About Us

RiseUp was established in 2015 to empower individuals to better their circumstances, prospects and well being.

Our Story

Fronted by Ashleigh Nugent, an award winning author, playwright and rapper, our work has become a vital element in challenging behaviour patterns for many prisons and community organisations across the country.

Our authentic and cutting edge delivery has seen us gain a reputation for engaging the hardest to reach in society, be that behind bars or in the community. This approach, developed alongside Professor Lawrence Burke from Liverpool John Moores University, has led to recommendations and praise from Her majesty’s Prison & Probation Service.

But our influence goes beyond the prison walls, our work is just as relevant and life changing to those in the playground or in the workplace.

Delivered by a highly qualified, passionate, professional and empathetic staff, RiseUp provides a powerful level of engagement that has to be seen to be believed.

Meet the Team

Ashleigh Nugent
Creative Director
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Stuart Coady
Business Director
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The desire to move forward in life comes from within you. That desire can have a lifelong impact. RiseUp simply spark that desire.

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