Stuart Coady
Business Director

In 2004 I gave away my home to my struggling parents; I had gambled my future on my ability to earn it all back. Ten years later I arrived at the threshold of a homeless shelter, a shell shocked man holding a deep sense of shame and embarrassment. Everything I had worked for gone. There were no more dreams, no more ambition, just guilt, inadequacy and overriding darkness.

Homeless, mentally broken, physically and emotionally I was in limbo. Was this to be the final chapter in my epilogue or the first words of a prologue? End or beginning? Lie down or get up? Stop moving or carry on?

I chose to turn the page and start a new chapter, this is what I decided to write and this is what it means to me to RiseUp.

Having the bravery to stand firm against those dark times and thoughts that can envelop us all. To have the courage to face down those tough times and follow your path no matter the obstacles that lie in its way.

To carry the weight of one’s convictions and dreams, to convey them without boast, to ask for help when needed, to heed advice when given, to toast your family and friends’ successes and provide comfort and support when they suffer.

Develop the fortitude to carry out your conviction, resilience to carry out your will and the courage to face down adversity.

Our strength is in unity, there is strength within community.

So when you RiseUp, I RiseUp.

Everybody has the right to RiseUp.