by Ashleigh Nugent

A book and one-man show about a mixed-race English boy in a Jamaican prison. Based on a true story.

It’s 1993. Aeon, a teenager from a leafy English suburb, is in prison. In Jamaica. He wanted adventure, experience, and a way to live up to the label of ‘black lad’. Now he has been stabbed, mugged, and beaten unconscious. He has been arrested and watched his friends drown. And he has to accept the fact that here, in Jamaican prison, he is the ‘white boy’.

Locks, the novel, won the 2013 Commonword Memoir competition and was part published in Writing on the Wall’s 2014 Pulp Idol Firsts. Locks was part published in Bido Lito magazine in September 2019 - Issue 103.

The book will be released in 2020 and launched alongside the show.

Locks, the show, won a bursary from Live Theatre in Newcastle and debuted there in March 2019 to rave audience reviews.

“Incredible. Get this show to EVERYONE.”
“It just makes everyone feel so alive.”
“Brilliant, powerful storytelling . . . took us all on a journey.”

In September 2019, Ashleigh performed the show at Unity Theatre, Liverpool at the launch of Blackfest.

Locks’ producer, Saphena Aziz, is currently in talks with some very exciting people and venues regarding the Locks tour, 2020. Stay connected to be the first to hear the news.